In the following editions you will not find articles or information about what is happening in Catalunya. Catalan International View will not be a means to get to know and understand Catalunya. They do, however, offer an international analysis from a Catalan perspective and sensibility. It represents their own characteristic, determined concerns which, as you will see, are also rich in their diversity.If you need more information go to the web:

civ-16Issue 16
Autumn – Winter 2013
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cover_15Issue 15
Summer 2013
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civ-14Issue 14
Winter 2012-2013
See all articles



Issue 13
Autumn 2012

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Issue 12
Spring 2012
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cover_11Issue 11
Winter 2011- 2012
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cover_10Issue 10
Autumn 2011

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cover_9Issue 9
Spring 2011

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cover_8Issue 8
Winter 2010-2011

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cover_7Issue 7
Summer 2010
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cover_6Issue 6
Spring 2010
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cover_5Issue 5
Winter 2009
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cover_4Issue 4
Summer 2009
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cover_3Issue 3
Spring 2009
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cover_2Issue 2
Autumn 2008
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cover_1Issue 1
Spring 2008
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